Providing sound solutions to noise problems, enabling property owners and the building services industry to create environments free from unwanted noise and vibration.



For most mechanical design, the noise created by air moving systems is complex, requiring time and expertise to assess and mitigate. At EEC, our experience in this field means we are not only expert at providing detailed analysis of the most challenging of problems but our solutions are cost effective and competitive.

Our standard range of attenuator units are designed to provide immediate solutions to routine ventilation noise problems. All units are designed in-house, manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and quality and are used routinely in HVAC systems in many sectors including:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Airports

Our standard attenuator range includes:

  • Duct mounted rectangular attenuators (single section and multi-section) – type AS
  • Bend attenuators – type AS / HB and AS / VB
  • Cross talk attenuators – type XT
  • Façade natural ventilation attenuators
  • Crossflow natural ventilation attenuators
  • Schools natural ventilation attenuator range (performance range 32 – 45dB Dn,e,w)
  • Cleanroom and Hospital range (encapsulated acoustic media or foam)
  • PVC Attenuators

We also design and manufacture nonstandard attenuators to suit most applications, providing bespoke and often novel solutions.

All items are fabricated to order and we will always try to accommodate even the most demanding of delivery schedules.



Acoustic louvres are often the best solution in reducing noise from buildings.


If design and weather protection is your priority instead of noise prevention.