Providing sound solutions to noise problems, enabling property owners and the building services industry to create environments free from unwanted noise and vibration.


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EEC’s comprehensive service covers the complete range in dealing with complex noise and vibration problems. Our service includes:

  • Complete acoustic assessment of all architectural and construction elements. We offer pre-development noise testing to assess architectural acoustic requirements as well as development noise impact assessments, both in construction and operation.
  • Consultancy in all planning applications and appeals for all noise-related issues. We have years of experience working with local authorities to support planning applications or address noise abatement issues.
  • Comprehensive analysis of mechanical services proposals and resulting noise. We can design and implement noise control schemes to limit adverse noise both inside and outside any development.
  • Narrow band, 1/3 octave, 1/1 octave and full analysis of noise or vibration sources.

We are not limited to providing these services alone. We know every client’s needs are not only technically demanding but also ever-changing. Present the problem and we’ll provide the bespoke solution.


Design to Full Installation

Using fully qualified and expert engineers and consultants, EEC offers a full-project service, from concept design to final installation.

Working from the start of a project, we will draw on our expertise to assess the design proposals while working closely with architects and structural engineers. We recommend the necessary changes and how best to implement them.

We advise on the likely noise impact of any development in both its construction and operation, and will provide noise monitoring services wherever necessary.


EEC provides a full consultancy service.  The division is made up of a highly experienced team of acousticians who are skilled in all areas of environmental noise and vibration control.

The team is regularly appointed at the early stages of a contract, allowing its members to address many differing planning issues by working closely with property developers and local councils.  This allows us to offer the right solutions according to planning law while ensuring the solution’s design fits seamlessly with the overall design.